Fleece Water Repellent (10 oz. bottle)

Size Guide
• Durable Water Repellent (DWR) treatment for fleece and raised pile garments

• Restores water repellency while maintaining loft and insulating properties

• Reduces fabric wetting and promotes quick drying

• Easily applied in home washing machine. No tumble drying required

• Does not affect look and feel of the garment

• Fragrance-free

• For all fleece garments and accessories previously treated for water repellency

• Recommended for Polartec® Classic 200 with DWR, Polartec® Classic 300 with DWR, Polartec® Thermal Pro® with DWR, and Polartec® Hardface Technologies

• Can also be applied to other fleece garments and accessories
• Water-based, solvent-free, no ozone-depleting chemicals. Does not contain fluorocarbons
• 10 oz. Bottle